ISO 50001


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  • Commitment of TOP Management to EnMS.
  • More Efficient use of Available Energy.
  • Not Specific to form of Energy used.
  • No Pre-Set Energy Performance requirement between two similar setup.
  • No absolute requirement in Energy Performance beyond commitment.
  • Compatible with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
  • No investment requirement and only operational efficiency.
  • Incorporation of Better Practices.
  • Better Documentation for Efficient Monitoring and Control.
  • Contribution to Sustainability.
  • Management purely based on Previous Energy Costing.
  • Establishing Energy Policy.
  • Review of Energy Bills and Establishing Base Line and Boundary Limits.
  • Documentation for ISO 50001 Certification (100 + Documents in total).
  • Energy Efficiency / Process Improvement – SMART MOVE.
  • Generating and Maintaining all documentation.
  • Serving as Management Representative and also as Energy Manager.
  • Continual Monitoring of Energy Consumption.
  • Training of Company Staff.
  • Engineering, Project Management for any Modification / Improvement.
  • Commitment to Management on Energy / Process Management.