The Process or System is studied as a whole and also into small segments along with the Energy Consumption for every sub-process / stage.
The value of Productivity and Energy to get the process output shall be quantified by means of various measurement techniques.
Both Energy Consumption and Productivity shall be analysed using Six Sigma / Lean / Conventional techniques.
Based on the Analysis, a suitable recommendation shall be provided along with the Cost Impact, ROI, FMEA etc.
Transform the existing Process to a new refined Energy Efficient Productive Process and ensure the attainment of targets.
Data from the improved process system is extracted to study the performance.
The new improved process is observed for its continual successful performance over a period of time.
Ensuring that the new improved process is performing as per the goals set in at the start of the improvement process.
Educate and train the customer to follow the new Energy Management System for the new improved process and also to identify further improvement in due course of time.