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The World population has increased thrice in last 50 years has grown from 3.47 billion to 7.55 billion which means Energy Demand has grown more than twice in the last 50 years.

If the Energy is not properly used and the same emission continues, it shall lead to an increase of atmospheric temperature by 3 °C to 4 °C.

In Paris Agreement, all participant countries have agreed to reduce the emission of GHG by utilising the energy efficiently and replacing the fossil fuel energy with renewable energy.

Most of the Industries assume that Energy Conservation means simply replacement current equipment with a new equipment. This is a costly proposal and hence Industries and Commercial Establishments are not very keen to do the same.

It has become evident that Industries and Commercial Establishments need to reduce the Energy Consumption by means of improving Energy Efficiency of their operations by means of Improving the Process / Productivity.

Globally it is proven that when the Operations / Process is improved, it reduced energy consumption as high as 40%. Industries and Commercial Establishments can enjoy the cost benefits by improving the efficiency and subsequently reduce further investments on equipment / machineries.

Country like India developed policies for improving Energy Efficiency measures in Industries and already projected the reduction in Emission by means of Energy savings.